Short Film: DUST ( by Thanasis Tsimpinis )

A short movie by Thanasis Tsimpinis , a young and talented director from Greece . His new movie ''Dust'' is about family bandages and reflects  obvious references on the Archetype of Mother . The director acrobats between the  real and cold reality of the Mother and the cruel but at the same time innocent, dreamworld of the Daughter.

Α strange adulthood  game .

''Dust'' won a  Honorable Mention at 19th Athens International Film Festival .

Thanasis Tsimpinis is also the director of '' Keep Shelly In Athens''  (band)  , music video ''Our Own Dream'' that was selected as one of the best videos of 2012 here on Dreamfacto blog .

Movie's soundtrack  by the amazing album ''Sheer''  from  the Swans  band .'' Sheer'' is one the best albums of 2012 in experimental rock music.