M 83 // The video Trilogy of 2012 .

Finally the video - trilogy of M-83 has reached the end .

The 3 videos of the songs '' Midnight city'' , ''Reunion'' , ''Wait''  from their 2012 album
"Hurry up ,We are dreaming " compose a whole story .

The spectacular story of special telepathic kids from another galaxy escaping from their prison-school and trying to communicate with their real home far from earth until they realize that they belong here .

The last video from the song ''Wait '' is ending the story .It is a great piece of art and you should check it out . This is the last point of the visaul collaboration of M 83 and directos Fleur & Manu .

" The whole album carries so many feelings along with a combination of space -electro synth music. I think, one of the best music albums and best visualized albums in 2012 ! "
Fleur and Manu made three art masterpieces combining old space movie aesthetics with modern cinematography styles . 


 M 83 - Midnight city  (part 1)
 M 83 - Reunion  (part 2)

 M 83 - Wait   (part 3)

Directed by Fleur & Manu, this video was made in conjunction with The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and Vice.